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The criminal legal system in Connecticut takes drug crimes very seriously, prosecuting them strictly and punishing them severely. As a whole, drug crimes are dealt with in a manner that reflects societal opinions and morality – selling drugs is treated with more weight than buying drugs, using drugs around children invokes harsher penalties, and yet rehabilitation is encouraged and proving addiction can often mitigate sentences.

The list of possible criminal charges relating to drugs in Connecticut includes possession of illegal drugs, sale or intent to sell drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia. There are also various federal drug crimes that include drug trafficking.

At the Law Office of Michael Chambers Jr, we too take drug crimes very seriously. We endeavor to inform all of our clients about the various options available to them and work together toward finding the best possible outcomes, legally and otherwise. With years of experience in all kinds of drugs cases, the outstanding attorneys at our law firm are ready to advise and represent you throughout every stage of the process, taking calls at all hours.

Illegal drug possession in Connecticut and Repercussions

The most commonly prosecuted drug crime is illegal possession of narcotics. ‘Possession’ has a broad legal definition goes beyond physically having the drugs on your person and includes any drugs that you know about (or should be expected to know about), in any area that you control even when you are away from it.

The penalties for possession of a controlled substance differ based on the type of drug and how much of it is found. Small amounts of marijuana can result in fines of $150 for a first offence but repeat offenders can face fines of up to $500, mandatory drug education and driver’s license suspension. On the other end of the spectrum, possession of narcotics such as heroin and cocaine can lead to seven years imprisonment and/or a $50,000 fine just for a first offence, which can be bumped up to 25 years and $250,000 for a third or subsequent offence.

Outside of the regular punishments, anyone found to possess illegal drugs within 1,500 feet of a school or day care center must by law be sentenced to at least two years of jail time.

Sale of illegal drugs in Connecticut and Consequences

Sale of a controlled substance, or even just possession with intent to sell, is punished severely in Connecticut, with high maximum prison terms available to judges in sentencing offenders. The exact sentences will again depend upon the type of drugs involved and where they are sold, but may also involve mandatory and unavoidable minimum jail sentence and fines of up to $50,000.

Charged with a drug-related crime in Hartford CT?

Convictions for drug crimes come with incredibly heavy consequences. Even aside from the possible fines and prison terms, the mere presence of a drug conviction on your criminal record can significantly limit your future employment opportunities. It is imperative that you procure a competent and capable criminal attorney who specializes in defending drug crimes charges.

The Law Office of Michael Chambers Jr serves clients in Hartford and surrounding areas.

The team at The Law Office of Michael Chambers Jr has many years of combined experience in drug crimes cases. We know when charges can be fought due to lack of sufficient or legally obtained evidence, understand how to persuade judges to be lenient when they are given a range of possible punishments, and are experts in putting together defenses to drug crime charges such as a dependency upon drugs that should be treated rather than punished.

If you are facing drug-related charges, you need an experienced criminal lawyer assigned to your case. Our law firm operates in Hartford and serves the surrounding areas:

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