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Sex crimes are widely considered the most heinous and serious criminal offenses--so much so that even being accused of a sex crime can have a life-altering impact. In addition to the regular criminal penalties of imprisonment and fines, convicted sex offenders may be placed on a sex offender registry that limits their future opportunities, no matter the nature or circumstances of the alleged crime.

Anyone charged with a sex crime should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of Michael Chambers Jr, we are prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect our clients. Based on our many years of experience in sex crimes cases, we can advise you as to whether the evidence in your case can be disputed, can represent you in court to protest your innocence, and should you be found guilty we will argue in favor of the minimum penalties possible.

What constitutes a sex crime in Connecticut?

The list of sex crimes in Connecticut includes rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, incest, child pornography and other computer sex crimes. These crimes all involve complex elements and evidentiary requirement, and can be charged in greater or lesser degrees.

In general, sexual assault crimes involve intercourse or sexual behavior with people who do not consent or are unable to consent. Statutory rape refers to situations involving adults and minors, which are deemed by law to always be sexual assault because the minor is below the age of consent. In Connecticut, being married to the alleged victim does not automatically imply consent, so it is not a defense against sexual assault.

What are the penalties for sex crimes convictions in CT?

The punishments for sex crimes differ from case to case, based on the seriousness of the charge and the circumstances of the alleged crime. The higher degrees of sexual assault carry 10 to 25 years imprisonment plus a fine of up to $20,000, because they involve minors, weapons, violence, threats or physical injury. However, even fourth degree sexual assault that involves none of these factors can be punished with a year of jail time and/or a $2,000 fine.

Even though most convictions have mandatory minimum sentences of jail time, the judge in each case has some discretion and can determine the appropriate punishment, somewhere between the minimums and maximums listed in the criminal code.

Additionally, a sex crime conviction may require the person charged to be placed on a sex offender registry for between ten years and their entire lifetime. The registries include violent sex crimes, non-violent sex crimes, and sexual crimes involving a minor.

Are you facing a charge of sexual assault or another sex crime in Hartford, Connecticut?

Mounting a proper legal defense against your sex crime charge should be your highest priority. It is possible in some cases to have sexual assault charges thrown with sufficient evidence including alibis, proof of consent and DNA evidence. Because the burden of proof lies upon the prosecution to prove that the crime was committed, it can be beneficial in some cases to go to trial in order to disprove the charge. In other cases it may be a better strategy to plead guilty and petition the court for the lightest penalties available.

Because your freedom, your reputation and your future are at stake you need to find competent and specialized criminal attorneys with long experience in these types of cases. Our team at the Law Office of Michael Chambers Jr is fully qualified and capable, boasting a long record of success in finding the best legal strategies for our clients and in fighting for the best possible outcomes in each case.

The Law Office of Michael Chambers Jr serves clients in Hartford and surrounding areas.

If you are facing or pursuing a sex crime charge, you need a competent and sensitive attorney to defend your rights and to advocate for your interests in court. Because of the high stakes and potentially disastrous outcomes, you cannot afford to settle for anything less than the best in legal advice and representation. Our law firm is available at all hours and ready to take on cases of all kinds. You can rely upon our sex crimes lawyers to help you navigate every stage of the criminal proceedings and to identify all of your options along the way.

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