Car Accident Lawyer in Hartford, CT

No one can prepare for a car crash, but in Hartford, Connecticut, The Law Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr. can certainly attempt to aid in your recovery. In difficult times, it is imperative to know that your safety and well being are in good hands, even after an incident has taken place. With years of experience, Michael L. Chambers Jr is a qualified professional who offers adept legal advice in personal injury and motor vehicle accidents.  

Motor vehicle accidents in Hartford

Motor vehicle accidents are more common than most people think and the potential threats they cause can be surprising. In addition to hospital bills and the monetary costs of replacing or fixing an automobile, victims can suffer long lasting and debilitating effects. In addition to pain and suffering, depression, heavy anxiety and PTSD are just some of the commonalities shared between survivors. As many as 27% of treated car accident victims report to suffer multiple mental disorders which encompasses an extreme phobia around driving.  

Mitigating the Repercussions of Car Accidents in Hartford

Clinicians determine who is at risk to PTSD by identifying several factors that include physical injury, loss of significant others and the fear of death. After the accident, the rate of healing and the reintroduction to society can also negatively affect a person’s mental health. Emotional trauma can last for years even with behavior therapy and medications.

However, the dangers of a motor vehicle accident can spread way beyond the cost of therapy. With reference to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, from 2005-2014, a total of 157,105 citizens have experienced bodily injuries due to traffic accidents. In this short period, fatal car accidents have also claimed the lives of a highlighted 1,188. This year alone, the Connecticut Crash Data Repository has reported 182 deaths in relation to auto accidents.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Hartford, CT

As the rate of injury due to traffic accidents fluctuates several cases undergo disadvantages based on a lack of insurance. A 2012 report, from the Insurance Research Council, dictates that Connecticut drivers are beneath the national average of 12.6% policy holders. Though required by law, it is determined that 8% of Connecticut motorists lack car insurance.

An accident can be overwhelming and even when there is outside fault, a victim can be held responsible for hospital bills and damages. Though there may be solid evidence that the defendant is responsible, monetary compensations may still be lost. This is as a result of the defendant’s inability to produce anything of worth. In such unfortunate cases, murky lines are drawn and an experienced advisor should be contacted.      

Many elements contribute to a collision and it can be both confusing and time consuming to consider liability.  Car accidents will always remain an unplanned and unfortunate expense. The Law Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr strides to lend their years of practice to the community at affordable rates. Free consultations are available as some cases are time sensitive.

The Law Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr. accepts clients in Hartford, Connecticut and surrounding areas

When it comes to protecting your family, The Law Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr is prepared to take on any dispute regardless of size. With expertise in criminal law, motor vehicle accidents, and pain and suffering settlements, a wealth of knowledge is available to you. Immediate consultation is always recommended to know where you stand.


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