Dog Bite Legal Advice in Hartford, CT

Regardless of size, man’s best friend has the potential to cause serious damage. Since Connecticut law does not require dogs to be leashed at all times, accidents are more likely to arise. The dog bite law varies by state, but Connecticut has very specific instructions as to dog bite procedures, the protections afforded to dog owners and the potential victim. In most cases dog owners are held liable for the behavior of their animals and victims have up to 2 years to report a dog bite.

What Happens when a Dog bites a Human in Connecticut

When a dog bite is reported, an animal control officer accesses if the canine has violated the state’s roaming law, which prohibits unleashed dogs from wandering off the owner’s property. This transgression holds a fine of $92 which can increase to $1,000  if the dog does attack off an owner’s property. Vicious dogs are required to be quarantined up to 14 days for examination and may even be sentenced to death should they be deemed dangerous. Any pound or veterinary fees related to the isolation are the responsibility of the dog owner.

Like most states, Connecticut wields a “strict liability” law. Strict liability means that pet owners are held liable for hospital fees and other penalties in most dog bite court cases. This is unless the defendant can prove that the dog was a victim of teasing or abuse by the plaintiff. However, the law provides provisions with regards to children under the age of seven that suggests the child did not trespass or torment the animal. Connecticut also applies the same rules to injuries caused by a dog such as a fall from a pounce or rough playing.

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If attacked contact a lawyer specializing in dog bites immediately as most cases that are filed after the statute of limitations are dismissed. Nearly all states grant damages to survivors of vicious dog attacks when brought to court before the 2 year deadline. Though every case is individual the law allows protections for both the dog owner and their victims. To find out if you may be liable for your dog’s attack or if you’ve been attacked yourself, contact an attorney at the Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr.    

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