Slip and Fall Lawyers in Hartford, CT

Everyone has experienced a slip and fall, at least once, however, not everyone is severely hurt. Individual clumsiness may be a determining factor, but what if the fall was due to an outside circumstance? If serious damage does transpire from the incident you may need an accident lawyer to determine premises liability.

Premises Liability and Slip and Falls in Hartford

With property ownership, maintenance and upkeep are expected to provide a secure establishment, especially when dealing with the public. Premises liability is the legal term that dictates whether the owner of the property was careless in providing a safe environment or if defective conditions caused the accident. Determining premises liability can be difficult as it covers a wide range of personal injury cases that includes but is not limited to: snow and ice accidents, water leaks, or the consumption of toxic fumes or fluids. These types of manifestations can take place anywhere regardless if the property is publicly or privately owned.

Slip and Fall Law Firm in Hartford

In Connecticut the property owner’s duty of care even extends to trespassers and protects said violators against the owner intentionally setting traps or keeping unsafe conditions. For example, a deliveryman may decide to start a slip and fall lawsuit, if he slips on an oil spill while on your property. Though, more commonly, slip and fall incidences happen when the property owner fails to provide proper visibility inside the building and outside perimeter.

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The average settlement for slip and fall knee injuries are determined based on the degree of the injury and how liable the defendant is found to be. Pain and suffering may also be granted if the plaintiff’s injury causes “loss of quality of life” and are no longer able to enjoy the same physical activities they once did. To determine liability, the Law Office of Michael L. Chambers offers free consultations and immediate help.  

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