Workers Compensation in Hartford, CT

Every employer needs to have an insurance policy when it concerns job-related injuries and illnesses. This security protects employees from damages they may receive resulting from accidents at work. Each state requires such programs are in place, though they differ dependent  on region. Whether full time or part time, if a mishap takes place while at work, it is possible that the employee can receive compensation for their injuries.

Hiring a Workers Compensation Law Firm in Hartford, CT

This insurance serves employees a replacement for lost wages and medical coverage subsequent a workplace injury. As an employee, it is imperative to understand that in Connecticut, you are guaranteed assistance regardless of fault. The Connecticut Workers Compensation Act is meant to resolve issues before they reach court. Typically, the state requires the claim to be reported within the first 90 days in order to be valid.

However, your employer may choose to dispute a claim if they believe the employee has not suffered a serious injury or they do not need time off of work. Cases are also denied if the employer can show that the particular injury occurred outside of work. More than often, an employer will downplay an injury in order to escape the risk of rising insurance cost. These cases are particularly difficult to prove when the workplace injury is a cumulative trauma, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Law Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr accepts clients in Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas

Though, this is not always the case, all employers should keep the best interest of their employees at the forefront. Employment lawyers are used to defend victims of workplace injuries in case disputes arise. The Law Office of Michael L. Chambers Jr has dedicated years of expertise and sensitivity to their clients and would continue to work towards the best possible outcome.   


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