Wrongful Death Lawsuit Cases in Hartford, CT

Untimely death is always painful for those left behind. It is particularly upsetting when these deaths occur because of the misconduct of another. A Wrongful Death Lawsuit transpires when a victim’s survivors allege that the demise is the fault of another party. Though, life is priceless, compensation can be provided to those left behind.

Elements of a Wrongful Death suit in Hartford, CT

Negligence is frequently the cause of a Wrongful Death and can happen during supervised activities, medical malpractices, or criminal behaviors. In order for the case to be credible the victim must be human and the family of the deceased must prove a financial loss. If found responsible, the court may find the defendant parties eligible for conviction in addition to financial retribution.    


It may be decided that the surviving victims are entitled to pecuniary loss. This calculation is distinguished based on the deceased’s age, health, earning potential, and circumstances of the negligent act. Though awards for punitive damage are rarely granted, the Connecticut Civil Jury Instructions permits such compensation if the defendant’s actions are considered extreme. Connecticut restricts the amount of punitive damage payments to the cost of litigation and attorney remuneration.  

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Wrongful Death cases can take not only an emotional toll on families, but a financial one as well. This can be especially debilitating in circumstances where a loved one is the primary breadwinner or if the deceased is a child. When it comes to determination of monetary compensation, you need an experienced accident lawyer who is sensitive to these matters.


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